Falling Frames | 2015

In the short Falling Frames Johannes Langkamp uses framing and perspective to explore the visualization of three-dimensional space through the two-dimensional medium of a video camera. “Originally I intended to make just a short experimental video sequence which explores space through a static shot. Driven by curiosity I wanted to drop 25 wooden frames (of a 16by9 aspect ratio) into the camera’s birds eye perspective,” Langkamp explains. “My intentions to just do a “micro-project“ however failed. It took me six months to work out this one minute sequence.”

This work was made possible through a coproduction with Stichting Video Power (Maastricht) and the support of Mondriaan Fonds, VSBfonds, Doornbos Equiments, and the gracious support of a crowd via Voordekunst.nl.

HD digital film, stereo